The Harvest


The Harvest deals with the relationship between perceptions of the availability of seasonal foods and the resulting shift in consumption due to the globalization of the produce supply in America. In this piece, I set out to document how images of that system are presented visually to an average American shopper who has access to fresh food from all over the world regardless of the seasonality of the product at its point of sale.

Starting September 2011, I began to collect the weekly mass-produced flyer from my neighborhood grocery store. Utilizing the graphic design of the flyer as the visual structure of the contemporary still life, I use black paint to redact information resulting in new obscure patterns of information.

The Harvest's 52 panels function as a visual representation of a year’s worth of fresh foods available in a Queens, New York supermarket. I am interested in the totality of the produce, but also in the shift of the seasons as represented through the produce offered. Finished in August of 2012, the panels are hung sequentially by the date of each flyer's issue.

Each panel is 12” x 16”, 52 panels in total.