Dwarves and Giants


A collaborative multi-media installation with JD Walsh

Dwarves and Giants is a multi-media installation that incorporates a changing night sky, three iconic sites, and an audio presence that travels throughout the space.

The central element of the installation is a hand-drawn, animated single video projection of a night sky that slowly creeps across the back wall of the gallery space. Underneath the night sky projection are three tables (or sites), roughly constructed out of single sheets of plywood and sawhorses. In contrast to the raw fabrication of the tables, we chose three specific objects (one for each table), each representing significant periods in the history of man. Each table has one projector that utilizes the surface of the object as its screen, activating the objects into sites of both mundane usage and nuanced human interaction.

The final component of the installation is an audio track compiled from randomly selected sound effects. By utilizing a DVD player with surround sound and five amplified speakers strategically placed throughout the space, the sounds become types of nonsensical ghost narrators moving through the space.

20’ H x 17’ L x 15’